Career Needs Inventory

Before you begin your job search, it’s imperative that you take an inventory of your career needs and examine what’s important to you.This will help you understand what type of company you want to work for. You need to know this to effectively negotiate your compensation package once there is an offer on the table.

Once you know your needs it is a matter of making trade-offs and being creative in structuring the package to suit your needs.

Knowing what you want also enables you to walk away from

a job when a company cannot offer the type of package you desire.The following is a list of caree

needs for you to consider in evaluating your next position.

Rate the degree of importance each holds in relation to your future professional and personal goals.

Use the following scale:

3=very important

2=reasonably important

1=not very important

Determine your rating for each of the following:


__corporate culture

__work hours

__job title


__management style

__organizational mission

__physical surroundings

__reputation of organization


__size of organization


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