Surcorp Resume Solutions Becomes the First Canadian Firm Certified in IT Resume Writing

President and CEO of Surcorp Resume Solution, Surranna Sandy, has been awarded an international designation as a Certified Resume Specialist for Information Technology (IT) professions. Evaluated and awarded by the Career Directors International Board of Certification, her work demonstrates an exceptional grasp of this industry including appropriate key words and competencies, position responsibilities and challenges, and effective resume presentation styles.  Ms. Sandy is the first Canadian career professional to brandish this designation, illustrating why Surcorp Resume Solutions is recognized as a leading innovator in the Career Services industry.

As a multi accredited career management professional, Ms. Sandy always strives to continually expand her roster of expertise and be more responsive to the needs of her clientele. With the rapid and challenging evolution of the high-tech industry, a professional writer must have the competence, expertise and in-depth understanding of the IT industry in order to properly articulate the professional value of an IT job-seeker to an employer. Furthermore, the professional resume writer must know what IT hiring managers are seeking and how to get their attention. The Certified Resume Specialist – IT designation determines a professional resume writer’s ability to craft compelling, articulate and effective career documents that speak directly to IT employers and deliver the job-seeker’s achievements as a successful IT professional.

CDI President, Laura DeCarlo, states that, “When selecting a resume writer a job seeker should always look for an individual who is certified and who has experience working with job seekers in their industry. Selecting a skilled professional with a Certified Resume Specialist (CRS) designation for your industry is the natural choice to confidently put your career in the hands of a qualified expert who has made the effort to specialize.”

Writing compelling IT resumes can be a nearly overwhelming task due to the onslaught of industry terminology, acronyms and jargon. It is vital to strike a balance, effectively featuring strategic information that demonstrates a job-seeker’s knowledge with the most relevant and current technology, as well as their ability to make significant contributions to the overall performance of the business, team or project. As Ms. Sandy explains, “I meet so many capable IT professionals, whether they are data administrators, developers, testers, quality analysts or CIOs, whose resumes are drowning in technical jargon. I work really hard to prove to them why this is an ineffective resume writing strategy to demonstrate what you actually know.” Ms. Sandy’s award-winning resumes are strategically designed to position her IT clients as well-rounded professionals who can contribute to the overall success of an organization, including an ability to work collaboratively in a team, manage budgets and time efficiently and deliver project results that meet or exceed expectations.

Along with IT, the career professionals at Surcorp Resume Solutions specialize across 90 different industries. As the CEO and President of Resume Solutions, a division of the Surcorp Group of Companies, Ms. Sandy brings to the table over 14 years of hands-on experience encompassing human resources management, career counseling, career transition coaching, corporate outplacement and award-winning résumé writing. She is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and Certified Employment Interview Coach, Career Coach and former Human Resources Management Professional with Fortune 500 companies. Launching the Surcorp Group in 2003, Surranna Sandy strove to create an organization that focused on inspiring and equipping her clients with the tools, knowledge and determination required to realize their unique career objectives.

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