Mark Davision Twitter Fail, lessons in managing your personal brand integrity

With over 55,000 followers on Twitter and a presence on all the social networks,  Mark Davidson, a self-described “Internet sales & marketing professional”, had a lot to lose with this morning’s wake-up call.  Overnight, Mark’s Twitter account was hijacked by a person claiming to be “one of three people who have been ghostwriting @markdavidson’s tweets for the last 4 years while he is out playing golf.”

In a span of 8, 140-character or fewer tweets, Mark went from Twitterati to #TwitterFail.

But Mark’s aggregate style of tweeting a combination of links, musings, and conversations isn’t hard, and being a success in Social Networking doesn’t need to cost valuable time or your reputation. Building a solid brand can be as easy as maintaining communication, cementing an image, and knowing your audience. Keeping your image safe online and building an indestructible brand starts with knowing the social networking tools that work for you.

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