5 STEPS to résumé Success!

Creating an effective résumé that presents your skills and markets you to employers takes time, effort and attention-to-detail. Follow these steps to boost your chances!

1.FORMAT: Ensure your format meets current résumé writing standards and HR Manager expectations!

2.TARGET: Make sure your résumé accurately positions you for the jobs you want. Create a Professional Profile that speaks directly to employers and makes an impact!

3.STRATEGY: Build a tactical writing strategy that maximizes your strengths and camouflages your weaknesses.

4.VALUE STATEMENTS: Sell it, do tell it! Make sure your résumé is full of evidence based achievements, industry terminology and action verbs to add impact.

5.PERSONAL BRANDING: Be unique, while increasing visual interest and organization with good design sense, clean white space and a hint of color & graphics.

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