Green is Still Good – List of Canada's top 50 greenest employers

Word on the street is that green is dead, its too expensive and the fad is over. However the annual listing of top greenest firms, as the Globe and Mail, shows many are still firmly focused on being green:

The editors at Mediacorp Canada, a Toronto-based publishing firm, selected Canada’s Greenest Employers based on four main criteria: 1) the environmental programs they have developed; 2) the amount they have reduced the organization’s environmental footprint; 3) the degree their employees are involved in these programs; and 4) the degree these initiatives have become part of the employer’s public identity and attract new people to the organization.

Since the competition was launched in 2007, Richard Yerema, managing editor of Mediacorp, has observed a growing seriousness among firms building sustainability into their operations. Greening one’s business requires focused and tangible goals and commitment in order to truly make a difference.

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