Whats the best resume format?

Over the next few weeks i will be writing a series of posts on resume writing formats – evaluating the traditional formats and emerging trends and providing you with strategies to select the most appropriate for your unique situation.

When drafting your résumé, one of the first things to consider, is the type of résumé format to use. Select a format that is acceptable to HR professionals, hiring managers, as well as a format that effectively portrays your information.

Résumé Format Options

  • Reverse Chronological
  • Functional /  Skills Based
  • Combination

Considerations to Format Selection:

  • Résumé formats are commonly recognized by employment professionals
  • Each format offers its own ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES
  • Carefully consider if the format will enhance your professional strengths §Ensure that the format does not expose career “red flags” and weaknesses
  • Once a format is selected, maintain consistency throughout the document Incorporate text in an organized fashion, always considering readability
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