The Benefits of a One-on-One Resume Writing Consultation

At Surcorp Resume Solutions we conduct a personalized resume writing consultation with every single client whether it is an executive or a recent graduate. As Certified Resume Writers, we know that collecting information to write a resume through a personal interview is one of the most effective ways to help candidates articulate valuable information to assist in writing strategic resumes.

When it comes to Resume Writing, most people:

  • Do not know the key details they should include in their resume
  • Need assistance expressing value statements
  • Cannot judge when there is too much information or not enough
  • Require guidance identifying key, relevant details


Your Surcorp Resume Writer’s role during information gathering are:

  • Asking relevant questions to pull out key details and successes
  • Leading the discussion and maintaining control to remain on-topic
  • Overcoming communication difficulties to access important information
  • Identifying and focusing on a key TARGET!


Establishing the Resume Target up front will:

  • Streamline the discussion and narrow the focus
  • Suggest pertinent questions to ask / prompt discussion topics
  • Easily help eliminate / minimize irrelevant information
  • Provide an indication of the future style & length of the resume
  • Help to orient the content effectively, featuring core content
  • Reduce future workload and strengthen resume
  • Suggest best approach to mitigate work history issues on the resume
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