Would you sacrifice anything to work from home?

I occasionally work from home and find this article in the WSJ very interesting. Would i give up anything to work from  home? Probably not as working from home could sometimes be tedious and boring – really it could be! From the WSJ:

recent survey of 700 people, by Arise Virtual Solutions and conducted by Authentic Response, found that nearly 80% of people would prefer to work at least part of the time from home even if it meant less income. In fact, 34% would take a 5% pay cut, 20% would take a 10% cut and about 7% would take a 25% cut.

The reasons people cited were pretty obvious — 32% said they wanted to skip the commute, 31% thought the flexibility would allow for a better work/life balance and 20% said the high point would be the savings on things such as gas, childcare, eating out and expensive work clothes. Almost 4% said they’d enjoy staying away from annoying coworkers the most.

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