How to find hidden jobs

Don’t assume just because the company hasn’t advertised that there aren’t positions open in your field.  There are two types of jobs.  First, published jobs are positions that a company has labeled as a job opening and the company is actively seeking to fill.  The most obvious is employment ads.  Second, there are “hidden jobs”.

The vast majority of open jobs are not advertised- they are “hidden” jobs.  These jobs are filled through the grapevine and are not announced publicly.  Some of these jobs may be just visions in someone’s head.  Stumbling upon the right person, might suddenly open a non-existing job.  Companies growing in size, job seekers with niche skills, or new executives looking for fresh enthusiasm are all possible sources of hidden jobs.  Whatever the reason, new jobs are created daily.  Through a target search using your network, you may uncover some of these “hidden” jobs.

Reasons for New Jobs

Keep in mind that there are many reasons for hiring.  Some reasons include…

  • Sales are lagging
  • Acquisitions are planned
  • They are building a new team
  • Serious operating problems
  • Company lacks experience in an area
  • New product is being launched
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