What to do when you think you are over qualified for that job

For many job seekers, the thought of writing a résumé fills them with dread. What to keep in, what to take out, the length, the design etc. Can be very stressful. You have to remember, the purpose of your resume is to support you before, during and after a job interview and help you to secure a job. Therefore, you should remember the goal of astrongly written resume: it is to generate interest from a potential employer and to persuade them to call you for a personal interview. If you are applying for a position that does not require an MBA, then do not include the MBA on your resume, only include your undergraduate degree.


To appear more competitive for the roles you are targeting, highlight only those skills and experiences that are relevant for that particular job. For instance, if you managed a $1.2 million budget and 10 staff, but the role to which you are applying for does not require budget or staff management, do not include this information. Furthermore, to make you more attractive to potential employers, I suggest, simply going back only 10 years in your work history to reduce the extent of your work experiences. During the interview, if asked, you can then expand on the rest of your career.


However, keep in mind that dumbing down your resume can eliminate you from being considered for a potential job where you would have been a great fit. Some organizations’ HR departments and recruiting firms keep the resumes of candidates on file for future opportunities and your “dumbed down” resume could deter them from considering you as a viable candidate. Lastly, while it is ok to omit data – as a non-statement is not a false statement – deliberately falsifying data such as credentials, job titles and accountabilities are a definite no-no.


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