Achievement Journals 2.0

For many people, recalling employment achievements that create value-driven resumes and personal brands can be a daunting task. Remembering what you are proud of in specific roles and showing that value to organizations starts with documenting your achievements.

In the past, career coaches and resume writers have used Achievement Journals as a go-to tool to have their clients trace their impact on organizations. Now, with the surge of social networking sites and online branding there are new options that allow professionals to easily track, post, and update their employment histories quickly. Using these tools to your advantage can help you secure a brand identity while broadcasting your employment achievements to a wide network.


The updated version of an achievement journal; creating an achievement blog allows you to quickly document  your employment accomplishments and  elaborate on specific opportunities that you’ve capitalized on, improvements you’ve made to your organization and stories where you are proud of your actions.

While a myriad of blogging platforms are out there,  the option of selecting one among them depends on your goals, your budget, your technological ability and what other bloggers with similar interests are using.

For those with little technological skills and minimal budgets a Hosted Blog like,   TypePad and Live Journal run hosted free accounts that can be upgrades to paid accounts for more features. Additionally, those with more technological skill and money to invest in an online identity may choose to move into Stand Alone Platforms which allow a customized domain name and full creative control over your personal brand.

No matter your choice, be comfortable with the visual appearance and time you must invest in updating your blog, it should be easy to use and control.

When starting your achievement blog you should make a simple goal and stick to it.

For example: Once a week I will update my blog with something I did that week that I’m proud of, that made my business better, or that others thanked me for.

Or: I’m going to set monthly goals of things in my business I want to improve and track my progress throughout the month on how I’m improving them.

In setting a goal you can create an outline of when to post, as frequently as you’d like, and the type of content that you will post.  Later, when putting together information for an interview or annual review you will have had all your achievements documented. You can also link your blog to online networking sites like FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter to broadcast your achievements to prospective employers.

If blogging isn’t right for you, if you feel you won’t have enough time to site down and write once a week, you may be a better fit for other social networking tools.

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