Effective Networking To Accelerate Your Job Search Success

More often than not, people lose touch with former business colleagues. They cite multiple reasons including lack of accurate contact information and lack of time. After a certain amount of time passes, people often report feeling awkward making a call to a former colleague. Losing contact with former co-workers can be detrimental to your career health. Since 70-80% of people source new opportunities through trusted friends and colleagues, it’s imperative that your career management strategy incorporates ways to stay in touch with people you have worked with in the past.

Corporate Alumni (www.corporatealumni.com) is a free service that leverages and restores former employment relationships via active, vibrant, online communities. Visitors can search the existing corporate online communities or start their own. Becoming a member of an alumni community can contribute to the success of your future business and professional goals. Membership can help you find your next job, generate new business for yourself or your company, accelerate recruiting of qualified applicants from an existing pool of contacts, or increase your visibility among your peers on an exciting new project. Best of all, participation enables you to reconnect with old friends. Corporate Alumni is a valuable social networking resource and worth checking out.

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  1. It is the little tweaks that make the largest shift.

  2. Writing an account of our achievements, talents and qualities is a tricky job. Further, this task becomes all the more difficult when it comes to writing a professional description about us, especially a resume or a cover letter.

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