The Offer – to Negotiate or to Not Negotiate? That Is The Question.

For those of you dreading that salary discussion for a raise or new job, this article has some great tips

A Google search of “how to negotiate starting salary” netted just under 2 million results. 8 tips here, 6 steps there, all sorts of advice. For the most part, it sucks. There are some things I agree with.  Do research – absolutely. You should know the market rate in your area of expertise. Don’t talk about your expenses, or how much money you need.  We don’t care.


That leaves plenty of advice to make me want to jab myself in the eye with a dull pencil. Like leave the salary expectation question blank on application forms. Some companies make that little square mandatory.  Guess who’s not getting an interview? Or how about this? 90% of all human resources professionals expect you to negotiate. So what, we still hate it. Here’s my favorite – realize the first figure out of the employer’s mouth is the lowest. Bullsh!t. The same guy who said that recommendsasking for 15-20% more than you want. Hmm, so if the position pays 50-60K, you want (and have determined you’re worth) 55K, you’re now supposed to ask for around 63-65K? Seriously?? Don’t believe me? Look for yourself – link to that little nugget of info is here - #7 to be exact.


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  1. This article is so great, i personally have issues with negotiation and as a woman i feel sometimes that is used against me. I keep hearing you have to negotiate anything offered. And this article is good to know that sometimes that is not a good thing.

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