Using LinkedIn to track down your dream job

The globe and mail  has a great article on how LinkedIn could be a key element in your job search arsenal:

Whether you’re using LinkedIn to find a job or to build a network, it’s important to have a complete profile, said Danielle Restivo, manager of corporate communications at LinkedIn Canada. Members with at least one past position listed on their profiles are 12 times more likely to be found by employers. And adding a photo to their profiles increases their chances sevenfold, Ms. Restivo said in an interview.

“Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to showcase your skills and talents and help the right people and opportunities find their way to you,” she said.

In addition to keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date, Ms. Restivo offers these tips:

Even if you’re already employed, having a strong network of people you know and trust is essential. You may be able to use those connection for references and job leads in the future. And get recommendations:A good word from those who know your work highlights your strengths, so reach out to past managers and colleagues for references you can include in your profile.

Highlight your skills

By adding relevant skills to your profile, you’ll come up in search results when employers need someone like you for a project or job. Skills pages will also tell you which groups on LinkedIn you can join to learn more about that skill and jobs that require that ability.

Keep tabs on companies

When you follow a company page on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to see updates on new hirings, promotions and job opportunities. By connecting with recruiters and hiring managers in your area, you’ll be top-of-mind when positions open. Find connections you have in common and, if appropriate, ask them to introduce you, Ms. Restivo said. Read more here

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