Tips on how to get a pay raise

Resume Solutions President Surranna Sandy was recently interviewed in the Globe and Mail for an article on negotiating a salary increase

The first thing you want to dispel is the notion that anyone is entitled to a raise simply for doing his or her job. “I tell my clients, ‘Don’t be [just] competent’,” says Surranna Sandy, president of Resume Solutions in Toronto. Ms. Sandy says it’s important to emphasize what you have added to the company: Have you brought in a big client, introduced an effective cost-cutting measure, increased readership?



Even if you are a huge asset to you company there is still a chance that you won’t get a raise, in which case remember that the ball is still in play. “If there is no money, you can ask about other forms of compensation like paid vacation time, one day a week working from home, or maybe your company will consider paying for training that will make you more suitable for promotion,” Ms. Sandy says. Post-rejection, it is also important to remain professional and positive. Say something along the lines of, “Thank you for considering my request. I appreciate that you can’t give me a raise right now. What can I do so that you would be willing to reconsider in three months?” This will let your boss know that you mean business, and establish a time frame. Follow up immediately with an e-mail.



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