Top 5 Most Common Networking Mistakes

Most job seekers know that networking is the key to accessing the hidden job market, but few people do it properly. Here are some tips from Inc.

Still trying to tap your network for favors before you’ve offered anything yourself? Big mistake.

Everyone tries to network, but few people do it well, often making the same basic mistakes.

Here’s what not to do when you’re trying to expand or leverage your network:

1. Try to take before you give. The goal of networking is to connect with people who can help you make a sale, get a referral, establish a contact, etc. When we network, we wantsomething.

But at first, never ask for what you want. In fact you may never ask for what you want. Forget about what you can get and focus on what you can provide. Giving is the only way to establish a real connection and relationship. Focus solely on what you can get out of the connection and you will never make meaningful, mutually beneficial connections.

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