The Scary Thing That Most Employees Do When They Leave A Company

Most of us believe that when some employees leave their organization’s to competitors or to start their own ventures, many of them take ideas or best practices from their recent employers with them. What is most shocking is the staggering % of people who admit to outright stealing from their past employers. According to

 Nearly three in four (72%) of people confess to taking sensitive and confidential corporate info from previous employers. (And who’s to say the other 28% just aren’t willing to admit it?).

Even worse: They say they’ll do it again.

Nearly the same percentage of folks admit they’d have a “clear plan” for taking data if they left their current employer [translation: your organization].

Those eye-opening revelations come out of a recent survey by London company Imperva.

So what’s the best way to hold your own in this seemingly losing battle? You can turn two of the biggest findings from the survey to your company’s advantage:

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