So what are the hardest jobs to fill in 2012?

If you are like me, you probably try to keep an eye on the labour market, what is the hot jobs, where are they and how much do they pay? Inc. has put together a list of the most challenging roles to fill in 2012, so if you are an expert in these 5 areas, you may be in luck. If you are interested in transition into any of these areas, this may be the time to put your toes in the water.

Hiring the best of the best is an absolute must if you are going to build a successful company.  You will need to be prepared to compete against big companies with deep pockets and other up-and-coming startups that also have blue chip investors and a game-changing idea.

So, what are the most competitive areas for talent these days?  Here’s a look:

Software Engineers and Web Developers

The demand for top-tier engineering talent sharply outweighs the supply in almost every market especially in San Francisco, New York, and Boston.  This is a major, major pain point and problem that almost every company is facing, regardless of the technology “stack” their engineers are working on.

Creative Design and User Experience

After engineers, the biggest challenge for companies is finding high-quality creative design and user-experience talent.  Since almost every company is trying to create a highly compelling user experience that keeps people engaged with their product, it is tough to find people who have this type of experience (especially with mobile devices including tablets) and a demonstrated track record of success.


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