Mark Hovind states, “The purpose of this page is to help you find industries that are projected to grow by 2018. The table below shows the employment in 1998, 2008 and the 2018 projection …with the growth rates in between [in the chart,] Green is growing more than 10%, Grey is growing less than 10%, red is declining and black is declining more than 8%.” (Data source: BLS 2008-2018 Summary and the November 2009 Monthly Labor Review, Appendix 1.)

Construction: residential and commercial, and all related specialty contractors.

Manufacturing: Cement and concrete products, architectural and structural metals, Agricultural, construction, and mining machinery, Other transportation equipment, Wood kitchen cabinets and countertops, Medical equipment and supplies, Pharmaceuticals and medicines, and more.

Wholesale trade: Lumber and construction supplies, Hardware and plumbing, Miscellaneous durable goods, Druggists’ goods, Grocery and related products, and more.

Retail trade: Motor vehicle dealers, Home furnishings stores, Electronics and appliance stores, Building material and supplies dealers, and most normal retail enterprises.

Financial activities: wide range from Insurance, Real estate and rental and leasing, to Automotive equipment rental and leasing;and much more.

Professional and business services: in almost every area of services

Educational services: All levels

Health care and social assistance: all levels ranging from private practice, nursing, hospitals, to diagnostic laboratories, home health care, nursing and residential facilities, and all levels of social assistance.

Leisure and hospitality: all levels Arts, entertainment, and recreation, Museums, historical sites, zoos, and parks, Amusements, gambling, and recreation, Accommodation and food services (hotels, restaurants), and Food services and drinking places.

Other services: all levels of Repair and maintenance, Personal care and laundry services, Membership associations and organizations (including grant making and Civic and social organizations).

Government: Department of Defense


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