Do you have a coherent executive resume?

To impress an executive recruiter or potential employer, you need a coherent, well structured executive resume – one that is properly organized and well-prepared. An incoherent, messy, or poorly formatted resume projects an image of someone who lacks attention to detail – this is a red flag for employers. So how do you prepare a coherent, well-structured executive resume?

Here are a few tips:


Visual Appeal

  • Ensure that you use the same formatting and layout throughout your resume:
  • Ensure consistent margins at the top, bottom, right and left of the document.
  • Employ the same font type for your headings and subheadings. Within the body of your resume, ensure that font type and size do not vary.
  • Avoid the use of fancy fonts, instead use fonts that are widely used such as Courier, Arial, Times New Roman, and Verdana to prevent mismatching and formatting errors.
  • Paragraph and line spacing should be the same throughout the document and all bullets should be properly aligned.

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