Common Errors to Avoid in Preparing Your Resume

Research has shown that many job seekers are unaware or potentially do not understand what information should not be included in their resumes. The information that should not be included on a resume includes:

  • Using “I”, “me” or “my” statements use the third person instead and eliminate the pronoun to make your sentences more active. To illustrate instead of “I reduced cost by 20%”, write “Reduced cost by 20%”
  • Employing the words “responsible for” and “duties included” – do not use
  • Personal information such as age, health, ethnicity, marriage and family status. These items could potentially be used to discriminate against you and should not be included. For legal reasons, some employers go so far as to dismiss your resume if it has this information, as they could someday be accused of a hiring bias
  • Photographs – these should only be included only if you are a model or actor
  • Explanations for leaving your prior employers or employment gaps in your work history
  • Additional information that is not requested by employer. These includes information such as letters of recommendation, certificates or portfolios / samples of your work
  • Salary history or expected salary – never include these details unless requested
  • The inclusion of professional references
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