Career Services

Background: Our Career Coaches work closely with our clients on diverse career related issues. We customize areas to the client’s specific needs and objectives. With our guidance, the client is able to develop and evaluate a career strategy, which can include career progression or career-change goals, managing transition following rightsizing, as well as assistance with identifying and successfully pursuing new opportunities.

Content: During each customized coaching program our Career Coaches help the client build knowledge and articulate key professional competencies and personal attributes. By using personality testing such as MBTI and Myers Briggs, we can assist the client to assess natural behaviours, strengths and weaknesses. This information can provide valuable insight for the career coaching process, helping the client to portray professional and personal strengths, while at the same time redefine and address potential handicaps.

Learning Outcomes: The Career Coaching Program is a 4 Step Program that works to prepare and empower the candidate to successfully execute their career transition or job search campaign.

The First Step focuses on Self-Discovery, including identifying strengths, values, and goals. Surcorp Career Coach partners with the client to complete diverse professional assessments and exercises and by asking thoughtful questions while interviewing them. Improved self-knowledge allows the client to leverage their strengths, enhance self-confidence and ensure they are moving forward professionally.

Step Two assists the client in exploring various career possibilities based on their interests and professional qualifications. We coach clients to use effective research methods to explore different career options and determine the one that best aligns with their capabilities and motivations.

During the Third Step, we empower the client through a highly personalized career marketing plan that leverages what they have learned in the self-discovery and exploration stages; refining the most optimal strategy for attaining a new job, career, or entrepreneurial venture.

Lastly, Step Four guides the client through executing their plan and setting realistic goals to successfully navigate a career transition.